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"I have a small budget." We hear it all the time. It means different things to different clients. For some clients it means that they are limited to $20,000. Other potential customers are trying to launch a website for under $300. Whatever source of funding a client has, it never seems adequate to reach that ideal goal.

Perfect Partyz SignJonathan Lyons met Carol Watson of Perfect Partyz through a mutual connection in the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. Carol had a feeling that her website could do much more for her than it was doing at the time. Barbara Forbes-Lyons and Jonathan agreed. Carol's website was doing more harm than good. Carol had a problem, and you may have already guessed what it was. Carol had a small budget and some big ambitions.

Jonathan and Barbara talked to Carol, analyzed her website and submitted their proposal. It was clear that everyone was on the same page, but the budget was simply out reach. That might have been the end for some people, but Lyons Digital Media offers website hosting separately from design and development. Perfect Partyz needed a solution that fit everyone and there was no doubt that Carol had the motivation to make it work.

Barbara and Jonathan suggested that Carol should make a clean start with the website using WordPress, one of several content management tools supported by Lyons Digital Media. The budget was pared down to $100 for website hosting and Carol's time. Lyons Digital Media would be around to answer questions by phone or email if there were any problems.

Like anyone who tries something new, there were questions. The phone would ring. Carol got the answers she needed and she went right back to work. It was clear from every conversation that Carol was thrilled to have control over her own website and her website content. Finally, she was free to steer the image of Perfect Partyz in any direction Carol wanted to.

It wasn't just the look of the website that mattered though. Perfect Partyz had to make its mark. It has been only a few short weeks, but Carol's work is paying off in tangible ways. She learned the importance of relevant content and how to optimize her site for search engines (SEO). Perfect Partyz started to appear on the first page of Google searches. In several categories, Perfect Partyz has already risen to be the top organic search result. Are you looking for a Tallahassee party supply store, decorative fabric draping or balloons? You'll find Perfect Partyz and we couldn't be more proud of a client who did her homework.